Spartan in the Sand: A Halo Reach, Fullmetal Alchemist crossover fanfiction

  “Hey! HEY, YOU!” Ed bellowed at his brother, Al. The desert sand was starting to blow around, and Ed didn’t really want to get stuck in another storm and have to dig Al out of the sand when he filled with sand again. “HEY, AL YOU SONUVA-!”

The tall figure turned to Ed and walked back to him. Ed’s long red trench coat was waving around violently, and his golden hair was coming out of it’s braid.”Finally,” he muttered as Al stood in front of him, “What the heck took you so long to answer?! We need to buckle down for the night. Look, I’ll transmute a building here so don’t get buried or anything while you wait.” Ed was about to clap his hands together when Al said,

“Are you lost, kid?” In a deep and accented voice. Ed jumped around, startled, to face the thing he thought was his brother. In reality, it was some kind of robot, with orange armor and a bug-like head o it’s body. It was not much taller than Al, but it was bulkier. It was also taller than Ed, and that ticked Ed off. “Are you looking for someone?”  He asked again in that accent. It was odd talking to someone with an accent in Amestria, there were virtually no immigrants in the country.

‘What if this guy’s with the Ouroboros?! Is he another supposed to be dead criminal, like Number 66?! And he has Al?!’ Ed thought, panicked. “What did you do with my brother, you—?!” Ed cried out, charging at the man in armor, only to be knocked right onto his back. Already, the sand was cutting into Ed’s cheeks, but the man was unhindered by the wind. He was remarkably strong, maybe more so than Al, he picked Ed up and slung him over his shoulder with ease.

‘This guy won’t know what hit ‘im!’  Ed thought, clapping his hands and pressing them onto the big man’s back. A blue light flashed, and Ed transmuted the metal into a cage that surrounded his kidnapper, attached to his own back.

The man started speaking, but not to Ed, apparently,”Commander, could use a little help out here. Ran into a little (“WHO YOU CALLING LITTLE?!”) trouble. . . might keep your distance. A cracked voice replied, and then Ed got it–there was a radio in the guy’s helmet! The Ouroboros must have stuck it in there, it probably wasn’t hard, seeing as the man’s helmet had to have been was empty!

Ed pried and threatened for twenty minutes, to no avail. He didn’t learn where Al was, or even if the Ouroboros had him. Al could be getting buried in sand this minute, and he’d never be able to find him!

Ed was getting angrier and angrier as the storm got worse. Finally, he kicked the cage he’d made and transmuted himself a three sided shelter, one side open so he could see his captive.

“Hey, could you do me a favor?” The man asked after a while,”Can you, err, fix my armor? This is really uncomfortable.”

“Forget it, you can’t feel anyway.” Ed snapped.

“I know Spartans look stoic, but we’re human, too, you know.”

“HUH?! What’s this crud about ‘Spartans’?! Are you some new creation from those Ouroboros guys?! Or a military project?” Ed yelled again, then said,”If you answer. I’ll let you go.”

“Well, looks like you ain’t gonna get your way, doesn’t it?” A new, low voice growled. This man was smaller, shorter, but had a white skull carved into his helmet, which sent chills down Ed’s spine. Before Ed could do anything, the new arrival had his gun aimed at him, and was ordering Ed out of his haven. The storm had calmed down a bit, but sand still bit at his face. There were three more Spartans outside, not counting the captive and Ed’s new captor, who had something to say about Ed’s handiwork on his buddy, “You do this?!”

“Yeah, pretty good, huh​? You like it? I can do the same to yours!” As Ed began to clap his hands together, a rougher, soldiers voice commanded, “Grab his arms.” The Spartan with a skull on his face grabbed both and held them far enough apart it hurt. Next to the trapped Spartan was an even smaller one, with a more feminine shape. She was in a robin’s egg blue suit, and was inspecting the trapped man’s armor.

“Fix it.” Ordered Skullface, as Ed had nicknamed him. Ed was going to protest, but Skullface’s gun was very close, so he claimed he needed his hands and fixed the big man’s armor.

With their comrade tended to, the team focused on Ed. It was awkward, they just stood there, trying to figure out what to do with the boy. Should they arrest him? He was clearly underage. What if they took him into their custody until they found out who he was.

Ed hated being stared at by bigger people, he always suspected they were judging him by his height, so he blurted, “Have you seen my little brother?! He’s seven feet tall and wears a big suit of armor.”

The big man he had trapped knelt down and said,” We don’t have time to look for your imaginary friend right now, but I promise he’ll be back later.”

“DON”T YOU TREAT ME LIKE A KID, DANG YOU!!” Ed screamed as he was carried away. The team and Ed drove several hours, during which Ed learned all their names: The first one he met was called Jorge. Skullface was Emile, and the female Kat . Their leader, who had ordered Ed’s arms restrained and bore dark blue armor was Carter.

Ed was hot, tired, and hungry by the time they reached camp. Nobody had explained to him what they were or why they kept saying,”this planet this” and “that planet that” as if there were more than one planet! Mostly, Ed’s yelling was not responded to, he wore himself out screaming for no reason.


To his horror, Ed found he had fallen asleep in the jeep before they reached camp, and now he was lying on the ground in a tent, with Al sitting over him. Al was talking to someone in the door of the tent.”Yes, okay. Thank you, Commander.”, Al looked down at Ed, gasped, and exclaimed,”Brother! Your awake! You’ll never guess who saved you…” Al went on to explain about the Spartans, an elite group of soldiers trained since childhood. As Ed got dressed, eager to get out from under all these tall people, he complained about all the trouble the Spartans had given him. What Ed did not admit was that he was worried for Al. He couldn’t look weak around those super-buff space freaks!

“From space? Bah. That’s not even possible. Next your gonna tell me they don’t know what alchemy is!” Ed exclaimed, putting on his boots. He ate a quick meal, military food, but it tasted different from the military food he usually ate. Almost like plastic. All the same, Ed devoured it. He brought no food with him, and wondered how long he could’ve lasted without food. Well, Ed thought, I guess I do owe them.

“But they don’t, Brother!” Al argued, “They’re from another planet, and have never even heard of alchemy! Isn’t the idea crazy?”

“Yeah, it’s a crazy lie. Mustang probably sent them as a test of skill for me.” Ed said.

Al sighed. There was no use in arguing with his brother, Ed was too hardheaded. The Spartans all said goodbye to the boys as they walked into the desert.

“No way! You guys are nuts! I won’t take a ride from someone I know is crazy!” Ed yelled over the distance already between them. But what he was really thinking was, ‘I’d never take anything from someone who saved my life once already.’

The brothers were off again, hoping to find the Philosopher’s Stone in a small town that grew wheat. They were in for more of a surprise than a Philosopher’s Stone would give them!

Jennette McCurdy Drawing

jennete mccurdy drawingA drawing of Jennette McCurdy I drew a year ago, back when I was a fan of iCarly and all their craziness. Now I’m more into Baka To Test, but the fact remains that all the shows I watch, have teenagers doing crazy things. That is the sole element my life is missing.