Airlines! Character Profile: Sho

Airlines Page 3 resizeName: Sho

Name meaning: To fly

Age: 14

Height: 160 cm

Weight: 110 lbs

Hair: blond

Eyes: blue

Favorite Color: pink

Favorite Food: cotton candy

Favorite Things: cats, kittens, fluffy things

Least Favorite Things: anything hard, rocks

Personality: A class-A ditz who causes more trouble than she means to. She’s good at cooking but tends to forget what she’s doing.


How To: Make A Speed Drawing

Many artists want to make a      Speed Drawing , but aren’t sure how. It’s actually really easy!

All you need is:


  • A digital camera
  • a video editing program
  •  a YouTube account 

First, set up the camera at an angle where you can work in the normal position, but your hands and arms don’t get in the way of the camera’s view. Zoom the camera in to focus mostly on the paper. Set up a lamp so that lighting is even and it doesn’t create a glare on the paper that makes it hard to see the drawing.


It’s best to have someone shoot the footage for you, but if your working alone, take a few test shots to see how it works.


Make sure you have enough memory on the camera to last the entire time it takes you to draw. Don’t rush yourself and just draw as you normally would. The speed part is an effect!

Adding Speed and Music

I use Windows Movie Maker to add speed to my videos, but there are many other options out there. To add speed, go to the effects folder on the left sidebar. Add the effect that says, “Speed up, Double” to the video until the length of your clip is, preferably, less than two minutes or you don’t get bored of watching it. Chances are if you don’t, your viewers won’t.

Now add some music! Try to choose a song that has the approximate length of your video, and make sure to use Creative Commons music! You can clip music and remix CC music to fit the length of your video.

Now, post it on YouTube and get some awesome comments!

Airlines! Character Profile: Kyuu Kyuu Iryou Taiin

Airlines 5 resizeName: Kyuu Kyuu Iryou Taiin

Name Meaning: paramedic

Age: 15

Height: 170 cm

Weight: 135 lbs

Hair: brown

Eyes: gray

Favorite Color: Black and red

Favorite Food: Azuki mochi

Favorite Things: manganime, Pocky, and cats

Least Favorite Things: Airport security.

Personality: Typical tsundere, she can be cold and rude without meaning. But she takes good care of those she’s close to. She’s very embarrassed about her long first name.