How EMS “Rank Titles” Have Changed

Over the years, there have been different titles given to those who hold different levels of training in EMS. Here are the different equivalences that have changed and in some places are still used.


  • First Responder –> Emergency Medical Responder (EMR)
  • Emergency Medical Technician-Basic (EMT-B) –> Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)
  • EMT-Intermediate –> Advanced Emergency Medical Technician (AEMT)
  • EMT-Paramedic –> Paramedic

There it is! Abbreviations and all.

How To: Wake Up Early In the Morning

Here’s a trick that I use to wake up early in the morning (or wake up at all).


I use my cellphone’s alarm, and I can use any tone that I want. I find that I wake up faster and happier when I set the alarm tone to fast-paced, upbeat music–it works a lot better than the regular beeping that makes you want to break your phone and go back to sleep!


What's wrong with enjoying your bed?
Wake up early with fun alarm tones.