Ambulance In the Fog

The fog nipped cruelly at my skin as we made our way out of the trailer rental building. It was thick and hung heavily, penetrated by yellow lamps that illuminated the storage area behind the building. Sirens echoed from somewhere up the long highway we would soon be on, but I forced myself to divert my attention back to avoiding tripping on slick gravel.

Red and orange lights burst up into the fog, flashing brightly many meters above their source. The ambulance came into view and zoomed down the highway past us just as quickly as it had appeared, leaving behind it the echo of wailing sirens.

A surge ran through me as it disappeared, a feeling of belonging and wonder. What kind of call was the ambulance headed to? The darkness of the night was punctuated by the fog and for a moment I wondered at the safety of the paramedic’s driving. It was not a question of their skill more than a question of circumstance. Speeding down the highway over the speed limit in a dark, foggy night. Even the apparent danger this posed sent chills down my spine and I imagined myself behind the wheel.

I cannot wait to be a paramedic.

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