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An Odd Conversation

Mom: “So, Jun what do you want to do for your Quin Seniara ?”
Me: “I don’t want a quin seniara.”

Lil Bro: “Do boys get a celebration like that?”

Me: “Yeah,a quin seniaro.”

Lil Bro: “Well, can I have a quin seniaro?”

Mom: “I think that’s a donut.”

Lil Bro: “What?”

Dad: “Ask grandpa, he’ll make one up for you.”

New Years’ Resolution

This year, I intend to make my list of resolutions public in the hopes that the embarrassment of (semi)public failure will urge me to actually complete some of these goals. And a few might be of interest to those who have similar interests or goals, so have a peak at my resolutions for the year of 2014~!


  • Ambulance Ride Along
  • Certified in CPR/first responder
  • volunteer at a hospital
  • score 100% on an EMT level practice test


Those are the main ones. I hope to complete them all! And I plan on adding more throughout the year!

Round About

This last summer, my little brother and I were in the neighboring city getting lunch at a Subway. I had been thinking about taking a tour of a fire station, but didn’t know whether we had to schedule one or if we could just walk in.

Lucky for me, right in front of us in line was a fireman. I asked him and he said to drop by; if anyone was there they’d show us around, he said.

So after lunch we dropped by the station, but were turned down because everyone was on scene of a house fire. So we tried the next day.

It was mid-morning, and the secretary paged the Lieutenant, who gladly showed us around the station, ambulance, and fire truck.

At the end of the tour as we were leaving, my little brother pointed to a little cabinet that looked slightly unusual and he asked what it was.

“Oh, that’s just a cabinet, for storage.” The lieutenant replied, “But there’s a guy who works here who’s short and kind of annoying, so we call it his ‘office.'”

We left the station and enjoyed the rest of our summer, until fall came around. I was at a high school football game and I noticed the paramedics attending were getting something to eat. I recognized one of them to be the fireman I’d spoken to in Subway. He was eating so I went to ask his short partner a question.

When I got up to him and he answered me, it was like a little light bulb came on in my head. The man I was talking to was short. I could kind of see how he could be annoying.

He was the fireman with the cabinet office that the lieutenant had told us about.

Character Sheet: Kathreen Rainfield

Name: Kathreen Rainfield

Age: 18

Hair: brown

Eyes:  gray

Gender: female

Hair Style: short pixie cut

Skin: caucasian

Scars, tattoos, piercings, etc? None.

Contacts, glasses, or no? 20/20

Clothing? What’s their style? When she’s not in uniform, jeans and a t-shirt.

Are their clothes always sexy, showing off their figure? Or would your character be seen in sweats every now and again? She can’t wear sweats around because she lives in the fire station. But she dresses conservatively.

Does your character like to read? Write? Draw? She likes all three. But she’s not very good at drawing.

Skills: writing, first aid, fire fighting

Strengths: she’s strong (physically), she’s good at helping people in medical emergencies

Does your character speak any languages? If so, list them: English

Weakness. It’s important to have these in a character. It’s what gives the story interest. If your character didn’t have any weaknesses, the story would go by without any reader interest/attachment to the character. So, what’s it gonna be? Weakness: She’s terrified of fire and she’s not extremely physically strong so she can’t do as much as she needs to in the firefighting business. Her language learning skills are weak and she’s not very good at expressing herself  with words.

Does your character have many friends? A few? Does everyone love him/her even if they are rude? A few. She’s not rude, but she’s friends with her crew.

Let’s play the favorite game:

Books: Ambulance Girl, The Gift Of Fear, To Kill A Mockingbird

TV: Emergency!

Movies: The Matrix

Anime: Angel Beats

Manga: Lucky Star

Color: black and red

Style: Goth loli

Videogame: Halo Reach

Now write a short history on your character:

Kat’s family was killed in a house fire when she was seven years old. She grew up with her grandparents (now deceased) and became an EMT as soon as she could. Her grandfather had Alzheimer’s and lung cancer, and died almost immediately after she had had a car wreck.