Character Sheet: Kathreen Rainfield

Name: Kathreen Rainfield

Age: 18

Hair: brown

Eyes:  gray

Gender: female

Hair Style: short pixie cut

Skin: caucasian

Scars, tattoos, piercings, etc? None.

Contacts, glasses, or no? 20/20

Clothing? What’s their style? When she’s not in uniform, jeans and a t-shirt.

Are their clothes always sexy, showing off their figure? Or would your character be seen in sweats every now and again? She can’t wear sweats around because she lives in the fire station. But she dresses conservatively.

Does your character like to read? Write? Draw? She likes all three. But she’s not very good at drawing.

Skills: writing, first aid, fire fighting

Strengths: she’s strong (physically), she’s good at helping people in medical emergencies

Does your character speak any languages? If so, list them: English

Weakness. It’s important to have these in a character. It’s what gives the story interest. If your character didn’t have any weaknesses, the story would go by without any reader interest/attachment to the character. So, what’s it gonna be? Weakness: She’s terrified of fire and she’s not extremely physically strong so she can’t do as much as she needs to in the firefighting business. Her language learning skills are weak and she’s not very good at expressing herself  with words.

Does your character have many friends? A few? Does everyone love him/her even if they are rude? A few. She’s not rude, but she’s friends with her crew.

Let’s play the favorite game:

Books: Ambulance Girl, The Gift Of Fear, To Kill A Mockingbird

TV: Emergency!

Movies: The Matrix

Anime: Angel Beats

Manga: Lucky Star

Color: black and red

Style: Goth loli

Videogame: Halo Reach

Now write a short history on your character:

Kat’s family was killed in a house fire when she was seven years old. She grew up with her grandparents (now deceased) and became an EMT as soon as she could. Her grandfather had Alzheimer’s and lung cancer, and died almost immediately after she had had a car wreck.

4 thoughts on “Character Sheet: Kathreen Rainfield”

  1. An 18-year old goth loli will probably secretly like Twilight but only tell people that she likes To Kill A Mockingbird.

    Trying to help. Keeping in real, yo!

    1. She doesn’t dress goth loli. . .she just likes to. :P And now I shall banish you from the land of gangstah talk. Mostly cuz you do it better than me.

        1. You lost me at “hater”. How could I be such a thing? I’m awesome! I don’t “hate”! I don’t even recognize the concept. It’s probably benign, just like war!

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