Exercise Motivation Tips

Very few people want to actually take the time to work out. However, if you want to be a firefighter or paramedic then you definitely need to! Here are some motivation tips to get you up and moving when you’d rather me snoozing.


1)Use exercise itself as a reward. Rewards like food aren’t the best bet, especially if you’re trying to lose weight by exercising. And if you’re like me, you’d just eat the reward and have no need to do the exercise anymore! I personally have days where I’m depressed and I just stare at my dumbells and wish they would catch on fire. But I also know that exercise releases dopamine (basically your brain’s natural “happy drug”) and clears out all your stress hormones, so when you are done exercising you’ll actually feel less depressed than you were when you were thinking about how you REALLY did not want to exercise.


2) If you feel like working out, then do it! Stop whatever else you’re doing, if at all possible, and go work out. Chances are that that motivation won’t last until you’ve finished whatever task is at hand. Make yourself a note of what you were doing and drop and gimme twenty!


3) Imagine yourself in an adverse situation. Say you’re running and you feel like your heart is about to give out. Unless you have a heart problem, imagine that you are running from a burning building, imagine that the fire is chasing you out and that the heat is so close to your back that until you get to the *set point you want to reach* you can’t stop or you’ll die. Or, do one more push-up becasue you know someday your buddy is gonna need a lift out of a building and you HAVE to be able to pull them out.


4) Look up stuff like the firefighter physical ability test and see what kinds of things you’ll be required to do on the tests that are required by a fire department you’re interested in working for. If you have a set goal–“I want to be able to pass the CPAT–you are more likely to complete it rather than thinking abstractly, “I want to be a firefighter so I’m going to do one hundred push ups.”



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