Fire Alarm!

My friends and I were hanging out in the college library today, which is on the second floor, and the fire alarm went off. We knew it wasn’t a drill because we’d just had a drill about a week ago.

One of my friends is disabled, she has to use a walker to help her get around. And with the fire alarm going off, we had to take the stairs rather than the elevator (like we usually do). So I started helping her down the stairs, and we were going to leave her walker until we could come back for it.

Then these strangers who were behind us grabbed my friend’s bookbag for her, and her walker. We didn’t even ask them, they just did it. It was awesome.

So we walked outside and our ears stopped bleeding (those alarms are LOUD). An ambulance showed up, the fire chief, and a fire engine. It was awesome watching them respond, and I could enjoy it because no one was hurt. The alarm was set off by an explosion in the chemistry lab!

I thought back to how I and others acted during the alarm. We knew, more or less for sure, it wasn’t a drill. And these total strangers took a moment to help my friend out with her things. People make me angry, but I still have to love ’em.

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