My Mom HATES This



I have this set up on my bedside table. The stethoscope’s nothin’, nurse’s clipboard no prob, anatomy coloring book Mom thinks is awesome.

But mini CPR dummy? Now THAT’S overboard!




…it is a little creepy.

3 thoughts on “My Mom HATES This”

  1. I think it should have hair and not be called ‘dummy’ because that’s disrespectful. Just wait until you start cutting up cadavers. That could be someone’s coolest uncle!

    1. C-C-cadavers? I don’t know what those are but I’m not sure if I shouldn’t be scared QnQ

      dat mini CPR dummy could be used to scare peeps on haloween, but it would be nice to have…for pranks. I’m not a medical student so I can’t really make much of it for anything else ^^;

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