We use names to remember people

To mark places on the map

We use names to honor heroes

To remember tragedies of the past


Names are power

Names are strong

Names last years and years

Names last too long


We use names to hate

To label groups we fear

We use names to separate

To hide what we don’t understand


What names do you use to discriminate against others or make them feel bad? Racist, sexist, homophobic names are common–what can you find?

One thought on “Names”

  1. So true! I find myself still judging those that judge others. Ironic aye? Of course they are probably just confused about life, close minded. They probably don’t understand that everyone has their own story, their own paths to take, their own wars they have to fight. Who’s to tell them they are wrong for living the way they do or being who they are? They need to learn the concept of love… yes I said it, love. We are all born different and people just need to understand that that should be respected and loved. Haters are never cool.

    P.S. I hate names… even the names we are given at birth and are forced to live the rest of ours lives with. Even though I don’t know what name I would give myself, I’d rather want to be able to pick it out myself.

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