No God

There were three men*

Standing around my bed

Where I lay to die

Without a second try

Let me be lost

They said to their boss

There is no place in heaven for her

She never believed in any god

So pass through darkness

For eternity

Pass through these last moments

In regret

Pay for your sins

Let it go as it is or

Let God in

Stop these sins

And on my dying breath

They tried to make use of my distress

I don’t want to beg for forgiveness on a life well led

I know I was good, so let me rest

This is the end, I’m ready

And my beliefs are steady

I have done my best

This was a life well lived

And now it is over


*I never noticed this was like the father, the son, and the holy ghost. That’s not really what I meant at the time I wrote the poem, and it’s not really in line with the rest of the poem, is it? But I decided to leave it because it amuses me that I wrote three men without meaning to make a religious reference. At the time the image was a doctor, a nurse, and a chaplain.

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