No Such Thing As Gender Equality

Are men an women equal?

For decades, people have been asking themselves, “Are men and women equal?” If you type this apparently million-dollar question into a Google search bar, you’ll get several auto-complete results.  You will see debates online, in papers, and in books about why one gender is better than the other or why men and women are equal.

So, are men and women equal?

This is not the question we should be asking ourselves. There is too large a demographic between men and women for anyone to say that one is better than the other, or even for us to say that the two sexes are equal. If you took one man and one woman, the man might beat the woman out academically and physically. If you perform the same test again, you might get opposite results. If you do it again, the woman might out-perform the man physically but be defeated academically. See the problem? There is no reliable way to say one or the other is better. And there are too many differences to say that they are equal.

The real question is, “Do men and women deserve equal opportunity?”

And the answer is yes.

Both genders are made up of individuals, all with different academic and physical skills and abilities. There is no reason why a woman should not be able to become a firefighter because she’s not as big as a man who might be on the job, and there’s no reason why a man shouldn’t be allowed to be a cosmetologist because it’s not a traditional male career.


Should men and women be given equal opportunity?

Yes! As stated earlier, there is too large a demographic between men and women to say whether or not the two sexes are equal. We can never really answer that question, which is probably why there are so many debates going on.

Some people might say that men shouldn’t pursue careers that aren’t viewed as traditional for that gender because they are ‘weak’ or ‘feminine’. They might say that the men in such professions aren’t real men. But if they’re not “real men”, what are they? Again, career opportunities and job hiring should give equal opportunity to men who want to enter a more female-dominated field or profession. Not all men are oriented to physical or science related careers. They should be free to choose whatever field their passion lies in–whether that’s teaching preschoolers or becoming a nurse.

Others state that women should not be allowed to hold positions like firefighter or logging worker  because they are not, on average, as big or strong as men are. Similar to what happens to men, a woman might be told she’s ‘not a real woman’ if she holds a position in a male-oriented career. Maybe women aren’t usually naturally stronger or bigger than men, but that doesn’t mean a woman can’t train to become qualified for the job–and more than enough women have done this to prove that they are capable of holding these positions.


4 thoughts on “No Such Thing As Gender Equality”

  1. I’m sorry to say that in the past I have made fun of male nurses. Now I realize, it’s not that they’re men in that line of work, but more that one doesn’t usually see men doing that job.

    Maybe they’re braver and stronger than others will ever be for going into that profession knowing that they will be harassed for their choice. They don’t deserve to be teased, rather the individuals that are afraid to follow their dreams due to fear of humiliation or nonacceptance.


    10 years and strength won’t matter, either because unaugmented firefighters of any gender will be unable to lift the increasingly obese people anyway or because safety gear will include assistive ergonomics.

    People who can hold their breath a long time don’t have a significant advantage in the face of self-contained breathing apparatuses and no one thinks less of a firefighter for using an axe because they can’t punch their way through a door.

    1. That’s awesome, but it’ll be a while before that stuff is around in regular jobs.

      And no, they really don’t, not when they’re house is on fire. Before then they really seem to.

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