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The ABCs (of life)

The ABCs of life are the first thing to check when you come across any victim that needs first aid.


A stands for AIRWAY: Is their airway clear? If not, use a technique such as the jaw thrust or the head tilt/chin lift to clear the airway. Use the Heimlich Maneuver when appropriate (on choking victims).


B stands for BREATHING: Does their breathing sound labored? Does their chest move evenly when they take a breath (look for sign of flail chest, a sign of ribcage wounds)? Is there a sucking or wheezing noise when they breathe (possible signs of anaphylactic shock or a sucking chest wound)? Check their respiratory rates. Are they breathing abnormally fast or slow?


C stands for CIRCULATION: Are they bleeding anywhere? Is their circulation cut off by a crush injury, such as pressure from dented car doors or a fallen tree’s limb?


That has been the ABCs of life by Least Random Number!