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Kat and Teddy

Kat B-320. Female Spartan. Lieutenant Commander of Noble Team. Genius hacker. Cold, hard, efficient with a solid sense of humor. Kat is the youngest member of Noble Team, and it shows. In the following pictures, she’s found cuddling a stuffed dog that Carter won for her at a fair in Palhaza one night while they were off duty.


DSCN1810Kat isn’t one to show her soft, feminine side much. She’s been known to only show her softer self to the Commander of Noble–Carter A-259.  It’s obvious the two are close, being the last remaining members of the original Noble Team, but nobody expected the Commander to be a teddy-winning boyfriend.

DSCN1807But maybe the Commander didn’t win it for her. There are five other members of Noble, all male. Kat is in a Spartan-style reverse harem and we can’t ignore the fact that there just might be another Spartan out there vying for her attention. Jun shares a homeworld with her, so who knows how many long nights the two shared talking about the faded memories of their childhoods on New Harmony.DSCN1809Have an idea for a funny Noble situation? Leave a comment below!