The Four Laws Of Otaku

1. Don’t explain the meaning of moe to mundanes (AKA normal people, non-otaku, muggles). They just don’t get it. That, and there is no solid definition of it. Even the Japanese aren’t sure what its dictionary definition is. But as Konata Izumi said, “A person is truly an otaku when they can embrace the term [moe] without question.”

2. If you see a Japanese snack that you have’ve never seen before at a store BUY IT THEN AND THERE, even if you don’t know what it is. I recently made the very, very bad mistake of not buying the Cookies and Cream Panda Pocky at a comic book store. Apparently it is super rare. You just never know when a collectible snack is sitting right in front of you, so BUY THEM ALL.

3. Incorporate kawaii into your life. It doesn’t matter if you decide to wear a Totoro shirt or a pair of Lucky Star shoes (does such a  thing exist?) , but you want to drive those cute little characters into the hearts and minds of everyone around you. Even if it drives them mad.

4. Use otaku terms to describe people, things, and places. Rather than just quoting manganime, use terms like, ‘himedere’ to describe a stuck up girl, ‘moe’ a well endowed one, ‘dandere’ a shy girl. . .Wait, why are all these about girls?!


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