“Will you fill this out?”

So, let’s say you’re a girl or woman.


Let’s say you have a book of friend profiles, just waiting to be filled out.


Let’s say that you were bored on a Sunday and you’re little brother was playing in his room.
Let’s say that you made him fill out a profile and this is what he put:


Loves: Mari (my best friend)

Obsessions: turtles

I live to eat: nana ham (the ham my grandma makes on thanksgiving)

Can’t stop singing: Soul Sister

What I want to be when I grow up: Awesome

How I want to change the world: no waste

You know I’m around when you hear the words: dur

You can quote me on that: DUCK!

I’ll never forget the moment when: my cat was ded

How embarrassing: you are

Other stuff: (pictures of stick men shooting each other; acorns)

2 thoughts on ““Will you fill this out?””

  1. a) why do we have to say that I’m a girl or a woman?

    b) “What I want to be when I grow up” → sounds like he’s already there!

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